Monday, September 13, 2010

Best news yet.....

I went back to the doctor today (well the nurse practitioner). She scolded me for not going with the antibiotics for MAI but then said she was just teasing!! We discussed why I didn't want to do the treatment for that. She agreed when I told her I felt it would be a "trial" and I'm not about to be a guinea pig. She said that the MAI and Sarcoid have some of the same symptoms such as the enlarged lymph nodes so at this point they aren't sure which one I have. She said since I am not having bad symptoms of the MAI like fever, she is ok with letting me not take the antibiotics. I told her my concern that up until this last episode, all my chest x-rays have been clear and now all of a sudden my lungs are "icky". She said that is why they think it's from a lab contaminate. Jeff asked what all the lab results are showing. She said only ONE culture is showing the MAI. Nothing is showing from the last surgery!!! She said if it is Sarcoid, it could be clearing itself out, which it does sometimes. (That's what it did last time) She said whatever I have, looks as if it's clearing itself out!! 

The Lord hasn't failed us yet!!! He is still healing me!!! I believe one day, I will be totally healed!!