Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is strange.......

So the insomnia has returned. Hoping it doesn't stick around. Then I hurt all night. Every time I laid on my left side, it felt like someone was stabbing a stick through my spine. Hoping treatment will resolve that.

So we FINALLY got the lab results we've been waiting on. They thought I had TB (or what appeared to be TB) so they've been treating me for it. I stopped taking the pills last week cause they were making me sick. The nurse called and said I have Avium (which mimics TB). Then said I'd have to see a regular doctor for that and would call me back. I got online and started reading about this Avium and what I was reading scared me to death. I called Jeff at work and told him that we WILL NOT accept this answer. So I called the nurse back and said hey from what I'm reading this is bad news. She said oh no it's not. It's an easily curable virus. She said it's not contagious and my pulmonary doctor can treat me. I told her about the sarcoid and how the symptoms for sarc and this Avium were so much alike. She said yeah but the xrays of my lungs makes her believe there is more going on. She said I probably do have the sarcoid as well as the Avium. So Monday I see my pulmonary doctor and we should have some results. 

I do believe I will be healed of whatever I have...whether it be sarcoid or avium or whatever. I did have a burst of energy today and shampooed some carpets. I can not wait to have that all the time!!!!

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