Friday, August 13, 2010

What else can go wrong??

Surgery went good on Wednesday. No complications from it. I had a hard time coming out of it though. As we were sitting in recovery, my pulmonary doctor called up and said he wanted to come see us. He came in and said something finally grew on my cultures from the bronchoscopy. I'm not going to discuss exactly what they are saying it is because I'm claiming faith that it's not it. But at this point, they started putting me in quarantine at the hospital. They were going to move me and Jeff said no you're not, I'm taking her home. So I think we left AMA!! We get home and the health dept is calling and saying I'm not allowed to leave the house until their nurse comes to see me. She came out last nite, did MORE blood work. We are waiting on the state health department to confirm my diagnosis.....this is ON TOP of the sarcoid. So in the mean time, I am home-bound. I'm not allowed to go out in public, for at least a week. This means I will miss Becca's school open house on Monday and possibly first day of school.

Jeff is doing awesome!! I couldn't ask for a better husband!! He's been there every minute for me and taking care of the kids. He's a little overwhelmed!!! 

I want to express a huge thank you to my sister for helping us with the kids!! She's going to take them to finish their school shopping that I can't do. She took off work on Wednesday to help take care of the kids. I want to say a great big thank you to my dear friend Jamie for coming to the hospital and sitting with Jeff during my surgery. You will never know what that meant to us!! Thank you for bringing us lunch. You both rock in our books!!!

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  1. You know I will NEVER miss an opportunity to go shopping...EVER!! Love you too!!